Grußwort von Garry Fabian an den Abiturjahrgang 2022 der WMS

Message from Garry Fabian, Melbourne, Australia – A child Holocaust Survivor from Stuttgart

Congratulations on your Matriculation. Having completed one segment of your life, you are now ready to step into a wider world and create your future. But on this journey, you must not forget the past of the years of fascism, persecution and war which were terrible for a great deal of German society, and indeed the whole world and it is gratifying to know that so many German people want to ensure that the lessons of history are remembered, taught, and discussed.

May you continue to learn, grow, read, write, play, reflect and cherish the ideals of freedom, peace, and a society in which all people are included, embraced, valued, and celebrated.

While life will present many challenges, both positive and negative, and often our destiny is in the hands of outside forces, always follow your ideals and convictions. While it is a challenge to follow your own path and beliefs against the mainstream, be true to yourself and stand up for what you believe is correct and just.

Remember there four types in this world – the Victim, the Perpetrator, the Bystander and the Upstander.

The Victim is the one to whom injustice is done, the Perpetrator is the one who inflicts the injustice, the Bystander is the one who looks away as it does not happen to them, and the Upstander is the one who tries to take some action to stop it happening. Your aim in life is to be an Upstander – to create a better, more inclusive world.

You, the students are young, bright, and lively with the future ahead of you. You embody the youthfulness, the intelligence, the creativity, the hopes, and dreams of a better world, of Germany of the 21st Century. You have the chance to fulfil your dreams. Never take this for granted and make the most of your opportunities that you have absorbed in your school.

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