Heilbronn and its region


Rathaus_neuThe city of Heilbronn is a regional centre with more than 120,000 inhabitants. It is situated in the northern part of the federal German state of Baden-Württemberg, in one of its more densely populated areas. Heilbronn is situated at the intersection of two motorways, several railway lines and at the centre of regional bus networks. It can be reached by public transport from Stuttgart Airport within 90 minutes.

Important industries are car manufacturing and supplies to the car industry, machine and tool design and construction, electronics, food, paper and printing, chemicals and salt mining. The car manufacturer Audi has got one of its production sites in the neighbouring town of Neckarsulm.

FrankenstadionIn addition to the more traditional energy sources in the region – a coal-burning power plant, nuclear energy, water power – photovoltaics and thermosolar energy have become prominent features in the region. Several companies produce components for photovoltaics installations. Wind energy and bio-mass energy facilities have also been established in suitable locations.

wartberg_von_obenHowever, the region is not a purely urban and industrial area. Dominant features of the landscape are the wide valley of the river Neckar, the fields in the plains and the hills covered by either forest or vineyards.

Heilbronn also features a range of sports facilities, cinemas and the municipal theatre.

Further information can be obtained from the official web site of the City of Heilbronn:




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