Wilhelm-Maybach-Schule Heilbronn

Wilhelm-Maybach-Schule Heilbronn is a vocational college in south-west Germany, about 50 km north of Stuttgart, the capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Our college is publicly owned and has its roots in the very beginning of vocational training in Heilbronn more than 150 years ago. In its present location and its present configuration the college was established in 1953. The college is situated within walking distance of Heilbronn city centre. We offer a wide range of courses and qualifications in the fields of mechanical engineering, structural steel construction and building installations, automotive engineering and electrical engineering. We also offer general education at A levels and O levels.

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Our college has got about 150 teaching staff and a total of 2700 students. About 60 percent of our students are part-time students doing apprenticeship training within the German ‚Dual System’ which requires that students have got an apprenticeship contract with a company. At the end of this training they qualify as fully-skilled workers. Our other students are full-time students complementing their general education at different levels or doing full-time vocational training for a range of qualifications. The majority of our students are 16 to 20 years old; there are older students in our further qualification courses.


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